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    GeoAs Physics BV is an R&D company that focuses exclusively on the design and development of safety and control systems for both commercial and humanitarian applications, whereby a carefully selected group of science engineers guarantees an optimal concept.
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    A revolutionary technique for the medical world: GeoAs Physics possesses expertise in the development of an entirely new system based on Air Scan technology; therefore it doesn’t need to use any gels or coupling agent.
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    Aviation Safety

    GeoAs Physics has extensive knowledge in the development and supply of Special Security and control systems; for instance for airports.
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    Offshore Industry

    The knowledge and expertise at GeoAs Physics can offer a considerable contribution to Non-Destructive material testing (NTD) in the offshore industry through the supply of Special Contact Probes.


GeoAs Physics is a Research & Development company that specializes in the development of research systems such as, Air Scan technology, sensors and/or transducers for material research, medical purposes and health products.
In addition to our focus on design, the organization also specializes in the small scale manufacture of contact transducers/probes based on specifications provided by its customers. These are based on ultrasonic techniques, including a specialized technique in low- and high temperature resistant transducers/probes for the material property research of partitions, nozzles and connection units in, for example, nuclear power plants.
The technological knowledge at GeoAs Physics has added benefits for other related products, for instance in the areas of safety and ergonomics. We develop specialized products for:

  • the benefit of traffic safety: light and sun protection screens for portable car navigation systems;
  • monitoring and detection systems;
  • Handheld medical prognosis scanners based on Air Scan technology.